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2014 Island Rates and Additional Lodging Information
The Middle Island Keepers' Lodge Package Includes:
Transportation to and from Middle Island aboard the Island Freighter II with Captain Mike Theut. Cruise by the Middle Island Light Station
from Lake Huron for some great pictures!  During the cruise, enjoy a narrated tour of both underwater objects and Middle Island history.
Once you arrive,  you will enjoy a 2/3 mile nature walk to the Keepers' Lodge (luggage is handled by us).  Transportation is available for those
who cannot walk across the island.
At the lodge, feel free to settle in before your lighthouse tour.  Snorkelers can enjoy swimming over a shipwreck, limestone formations or a
deep sinkhole.  

We Provide:
Propane appliances: stove, oven, fridge/freezer, fireplace, lights, outdoor grill, and a water heater (for shower and dishes).  Linens, towels,
pots and pans, dishes, paper towels, soaps and cleaning products and spring water for drinking.  Rowboat rental starts at $15 for 24 hours.

We Recommend you Bring:
Warm clothing (it's usually cooler by the lake), hiking boots, water shoes, cameras, slippers, personal toiletries, snacks, drinks, and food for
meals.  Also feel free to bring larger objects such as kayaks, canoes, fishing poles and tackle, and snorkel or SCUBA gear.  Please, no
mountain bikes or fireworks.  Carts or three wheeled bikes are acceptable.
Three - Four
Five - Six
Seven - eight
2015 Middle Island Keepers' Lodge Rates- per group*
  June OR   July      August AND Sept.

(Any time of the year)
All pricing is subject to change.  Rates do not include the accommodations tax.  A non-refundable deposit
of $150 is required prior to each stay.  A $250 deposit is required for larger groups (7-12 people).  This
deposit will be converted into a security deposit when you arrive and will be refunded after your stay.  An
alternative date for a stay can be made if weather does not provide safe conditions to Middle Island.
Middle Island Lighthouse
*Open May thru September. Weekly or multi-night rates available
per quote.  
SCUBA packages are available.  Fishermen are welcome.
First night is more because: Includes all preparation, tours, transport etc.
Each additional Night
Deposit Category
Please contact Captain Mike Theut
prior to making reservations.
Please mail deposits to:
Capt. Mike Theut
9201 Wreck Road
Alpena, MI 49707
Checks payable to:
Capt. Mike Theut
Your group will be the
only one at the
Keepers' Lodge
during your stay.  
may be the only
people on the island!
(Please Ask)
To help preserve, protect, and maintain our beloved Middle Island
Keepers' Quarters, please use the donation button to the right of this
message.  If you would like to give a donation towards any other Middle
Island project, please specify.  All donations big or small are greatly
appreciated.  Help us keep the history alive and the flame bright for future
generations to enjoy.
Limited Quantity - Now Available, Only $25
3" piece of steel tram rail originally from alongside the fog signal  building.  Bent like a pretzel by ice and storm.  Get your piece of
history today.  Proceeds go toward the renovation of Middle Island Keepers' Quarters.  Because of the weight of this piece, tram rail
must be picked up at the time of your stay.
First Night
First Night
For groups beyond 8 people the cost is $40 per person / per night.  Lodge capacity = 10 (Max.), Bunkhouse = 2
Departure times from the mainland
to Middle Island are usually
between 3 and 5:00 p.m. (the night
of arrival).  Departure time from
Middle Island to the mainland
(after check out) is generally
between 9 and 11:00 a.m..  We're
flexible if you need special times.
Rowboat rental is
available starting
at $20 for a 24
hour period.  
Please mention at
time of reservation.
(4% Transaction charge added later)
"Lodge or Bunkhouse Rented" on a particular day of the calendar indicates that night is
rented.  Otherwise the lodge or bunkhouse is available to be rented that night.
Additional Booking Notes:   Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends are priced as a weekend
rate in August and are not valid with specials.  Groups of Six or more are required on weekends in August, or
September.  Sunday is considered a weekend night.  Weekends stays must be at least two nights.
Kayaks can be
transported to the
island at an additional
cost of $10 per kayak.