Map of Dive Sites and Diving Information
Shallower Dive Sites Near Middle Island:
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Deeper Shipwrecks and More Detailed Informational
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DEEPER Shipwrecks below
Whether you’re a beginner diver, a technical diver or
anywhere in between, we’ll get you to the dive location
quickly and safely.  If you dive and stay one night at the
lodge and your group consists of four or more divers, take
10% off your lodging rates!  Stay two nights and you can
also get a free t-shirt.  Dive two one tank dives for only $100
per diver (normal price $120).  There are many pristine dive
locations close to Middle Island, so why go through the
hastle of loading your gear back to the motel.  Plus, if your
a repeat customer, you can still get 10 percent off the
lodging balance!!!  More time for diving, more time to relax;
isn't that what its all about?
Now under water. The Nordmeer still has
lots to see below the surface.
Only 45' at it's deepest.
Portsmouth - Middle Island Shore

Great snorkel spot 12' deep
Rockport Springs
Look Above for
Numbered Locations