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Middle Island Lighthouse

The Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival is in its 16th year.  Many different associations, businesses and individuals work together to
make this 4 day event happen every October.  The mutual goal is to promote the Historic Lighthouses and Life-Saving Stations of the
Great Lakes through educating the public of the restoration, preservation, history and life of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Stations.
Check out what's happening this year!

The American Lighthouse Foundation is dedicated to saving America's lighthouses and preserving their history.  They have a couple
great articles concerning Middle Island - one on a stay at Middle Island and  one on the current owners and the  missing lenses on
Middle Island's Lighthouse.

The Lighthouses of the Great Lakes website has all kinds of information - plus a different Great Lakes Lighthouse is featured daily.
Check out their write up and their pictures of the Middle Island Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse Friends website contains  photographs, directions, historical accounts, and GPS coordinates garnered while visiting
every lighthouse in the United States.

The Thunder Bay National Marine sanctuary has loads of info on Lighthouses, shipwrecks, and maritime history.  Take a look!

The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory did a research project on the exploration of submerged sinkhole ecosystems in
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Lake Huron.  One sinkhole is right offshore of Middle Island, and the site contains some
great underwater footage.  

The Alpena Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has a great write up on Middle Island on their website.  They also have a ton of other
attractions that you can visit once you've seen the island!

Seeing the Light is a website by Terry Pepper that shows true dedication to the love of Lighthouses.  It encompasses a huge amount
of information on Lighthouses in the western Great Lakes.  There is an informative article on Middle Island, so take a look!

The Michigan Lighthouse Conservatory has a website that compiles Michigan's lighthouses called  Michigan's Light List.  It has a
picture of the Middle Island Lighthouse from when it was first built, and contains a lot of the original specs.
Here are some websites that have written articles on Middle
Island, contain Middle Island information, or are just plain cool.
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