Map to Island
Travel Instructions: You want to get to the Rockport Public Boat Launch at the end of Rockport
Road.  This Boat Launch is where passengers board the boat.  Rockport Rd. is approximately 7 miles
north of Alpena off of U.S. Highway 23.  Rockport Rd is a dead end dirt rd. @ 3.5 miles long with no
turn offs until you reach the end, where you will follow the turn at the parking lot to the right.  The
boat ramp has two docks, one of which will be the "load and go dock".  Guest vehicles should be
parked overnight on the upper level parking area to the south of the boat ramp (away from boat user
spaces).  If you have time, there is a lookout area to the east of the ramp, where you can see the west
side of Middle Island, 2.5 miles away.  Look for fossils if the boat is delayed, the point there is loaded
with them.
Use this interactive map below to get driving directions.  Zoom in
and out to show where you are in relationship to Middle Island
and Rockport Harbor.  To get to Rockport Road by GPS, put the
address of 3550 Rockport Road, Alpena, Michigan into your
search.  This will get you to the beginning of the road - don't stop
here...look below.
Middle Island's Lighthouse