Middle Island Keepers' Lodge / Island Rules
Please read prior your visit to Middle Island.
1) Please stay within sight of the nature trails or shoreline, respect private property and
follow     directions on signs (there are only a few).

2) Do not smoke or light fires anywhere except in designated areas upon the island's shores.

3) Keep campfires in the fire pits provided and do not burn on windy days.

4) Collect any and all personal trash and bag it for removal from island.

5) Respect the privacy of others that may be staying elsewhere on the island.

6) Keep wet towels, bathing suits, SCUBA gear, etc. out on the deck to dry.

7) Keep children under surveilance at all times and make sure they follow the rules as well.

8) No rough housing in the lodge. (Cedar paneling dents easily and there are a few breakables)

9) If you rent the rowboat, stay in the refuge of the bay by the former lifesaving station.

10) Life jackets must be in rowboat at all times and worn, especially by children when in use.

11) Follow all Michigan fishing laws when fishing the waters around Middle Island.

12) Turn off all propane appliances and lights before you go to bed. (lodge refrigerator stays on)

13) Do not have stove-top burner on with nothing in the pan.  Propane burns very hot.

14) Keep green plastic chairs and black steel table and chairs on the lodge deck.

15) Sheets may be left on the lodge beds.

16) Lodge towels are for shower use only.  Personal towels should be used for swimming etc..

17) Do not move the propane refrigerator unless something combustible falls behind it.

18) Please put old batteries in a clear plastic bag on kitchen counter.  (I recharge/recycle)

19) Do not let anyone hang on horizontal steel pipes - which span the width of the lodge
about       twelve feet from the main level floor.  (They bend easily)

20) Candles may be lit for a romantic dinner - Please keep them closely attended.

21) If anyone in your group has a special certain medical need, please mention the need at
the      time of your reservation.

22) Dogs are welcome on the island if they are well behaved on a boat and good around
other         people.  Keep dogs on a leash or in a closed off area.  Sorry, dogs are not allowed
in the           lodge.
23) There are two windows in the lodge that need covering when a rain storm is likely.

24) Security deposits will be refunded after your stay provided there are not damages to
the           Lodge/Bunkhouse or other areas of the island and rules were followed.
Thank you for taking the time to read these
important rules. Staying on a relatively isolated
island is a unique situation. We would like to
make your visit a positively memorable and safe
experience.  There will be papers for you to sign
to acknowledge you have read these rules and
understand the risks of staying on an isolated
island.  Please don't hesitate to call with