"The Mother of all Deals"

How would you like to spend some quality "family Time" on secluded Middle Island?  Check this out!  Bring your whole family (7-12 people),
stay two or more nights during the week, remember to bring your
mother and receive the following:
#1  A narrated ride /  tour around the island's picturesque nature trail. (motor drawn "Joy Ride" carriage)
#2  A picture of your family in front of the lighthouse or a favorite background of your choice
#3  Free rowboat rental for the duration of your stay ($50 deposit)
#4  1/2 off Middle Island Keepers Lodge Sweat shirts or T Shirts.
(note: for 11-12 people a separate bunkhouse is supplied for up to two of the guests)

"Couple's Romantic Weekday Special":

Enjoy a romantic stay for two at the lodge!  
It'll just be the two of you - so take an enchanting stroll along the shoreline, hike one of our private trails, or choose to share a rowboat for two
1/2 off rowboat rental!).  Afterwards, witness the breathtaking sunset, then get close by the fire pit for a spectacular evening (The fire will be
ready to light).  Experience the explosion of stars, the light adorned freighters, and the gently lapping waves.  Middle Island lies 2 1/2miles off
the sparsely populated mainland, so basically, its almost like having the island all to yourselves...   Just stay with us Monday through
Wednesday night, during May, June or September and we'll give you
Thursday night free!  Again, please mention this offer at the time of your

"Group Dive and Lodge Package":

Want to explore shipwrecks in Lake Huron?  There a multitude of shipwrecks to dive - a stones throw away from Middle Island!  Dive
anywhere from Presque Isle to Thunder Bay Island.  The easiest way to explore this northern half of the Thunder Bay National Marine
Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve  is with Capt. Mike aboard Island Freighter II.  This vessel has plenty of space to store your gear and
offers the needed stability when donning it.  The Island Freighter II is an ideal dive platform with twin 150 Horsepower outboards.  So, even if
the dive destination was far, (which most aren't) it wouldn't take long to get there.
After a long day of diving, what could be better than a relaxing boat tour around Middle Island, then, maybe an overnight stay with a bonfire
on the beach?  There is even an interesting sinkhole near the lodge you could shore dive.  Capt. Mike has a deal for you!

Bring a group of 8-10 divers and  two one tank dives are only $100!
Pay only $80 for lodging (per person) when your group is staying two nights.

One day of diving consists of at least 2  - 1 tank dives.
2 - 1 tank dives are only $110 per person with a lodge stay.  (Regular price is $120 without a lodge stay.)
We can refill your tanks for only $12 each, delivered to the island!  You'll love the convenience of and relaxation of this location!

~~~~~~~~~  Boat Tours and Snorkel Trips  ~~~~~~~~~~

It's a day of adventure and learning.  May through September, we can schedule a boat tour.  Join Captain Mike Theut aboard "Island Freighter
II" or "Perfecte Content" and let him take you on a narrated tour of Middle Island or Thunder Bay Island and the waters surrounding them.  
Take great pictures of the Middle Island Lighthouse from the water, then even better ones on the island itself!   If you have a group of two or
more people, we will find a date that works for you.  If you have less than two people, periodically check the website calendar of availability
for upcoming scheduled tours.  Please call Capt. Mike @ (989) 884-2722, a week or more prior to departures,  to confirm a seat.  A deposit of
half the total cost will be required.

Approximate tour time is four hours for scheduled tours.  Groups of six or more have the luxury of customizing their tour time and agenda.
Middle Island Tours cost $40 per adult, $30 17 - 11 y/o and $20 per child 10 y/o and younger.   
Capt. Mike offers a discount of $5 off per adult with groups of six or more!

Boat Departure Times:

Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival  ~ Narrated Middle Island Tours with guest speakers
October 9, 10, 11, 12 - 2014 (Thursday through Sunday)
Boat Departure Times = 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ~ as many trips as the wave conditions will allow.  There will be
no reservations taken on trips
to Middle Island (First come, first serve basis)
during the festival.  There will be hot refreshments, cookies and more on Middle Island with
many volunteers to talk with and assist you.  The Keepers' Quarters offers a gift shop for many items to remember your experience by.  Total
trip time is approximately 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours in duration.  Bring your cameras!
Cost is $35 18 years old and up /  $25 for ages 17 and under.

Thunder Bay Island Boat Trips are also planned throughout the year.  Two separate trips are scheduled for October 9th and October 12th -
2014 (Thursday and Sunday) - During the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival.
Departure time will be 9:00 a.m.from Rockport Harbor on Thursday.  Departure time will be at 1 p.m. on Sunday.  Trip duration will be
approximately 4 hours.    Middle Island Light Station can be viewed on one direction of the trip.  We will get very close to the lighthouse on
both Thunder Bay Island and Middle Island for some great photographs.  Plus, we'll pass over a shipwreck in barely more than ten feet of
water.   Best of all, a guest speaker will share many facts and colorful stories of this area's nautical history.   Weather and wave conditions
are a major factor in deciding to go or not.  Three people will be needed in order to make the twenty four mile-round trip.  Cost per person is
$50 -$70 (Dependant on the number of passengers) and reservations are required.

Snorkel Trips
Snorkel local shipwrecks, unique limestone formations and other natural geological features.  The area around Middle Island boasts of many
interesting shallow dive spots placed there by man and Creator alike.  We have the shipwreck "Portland", Middle Island Sinkhole, shipwreck
"Portsmouth", Rockport Springs and more.   Enjoy a short boat ride with this easy way to explore.  Cost is $50 per person with discounts
available for groups of 6 or more.  Wet suits are recommended in months other than August and rental of equipment can be arranged.

Please call Captain Mike at : 305-900-8240 to make your reservation today!
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Get six to ten adults to migrate to Middle Island for a two night weekend stay (or four night weekday stay) and receive 1O% off your stay.  
Also, caw, caw,  take advantage of ten percent off snorkel and cruise deals!  Mention this discount at the time of your reservation, then,
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